Deposit Accounts


The Share Savings account establishes your credit union membership. You must maintain a balance of $5 in your Share Savings account to remain a member in good standing or $100 to avoid a monthly fee.


Regular Share Draft Checking: Maintain a minimum balance in your Share Savings account of $500 and you can enjoy the flexibility of a checking account that earns dividends and offers other benefits without a monthly service charge.

Free Share Draft Checking: No minimum balance required, and no monthly fees make this an attractive and flexible spending account.

Club Accounts

Let us help you save for the holidays or vacation with our Holiday Club and Vacation Club accounts. Use our free payroll deduction service to make automatic deposits to your club account. Competitive dividend rates make it easier to reach your savings goals.

For Our Young Members

Penny Panda Club: Help your children or grandchildren learn the importance of saving at an early age. Our Penny Panda Club is open to kids 12 and under and is a fun way to teach them the value of saving.

Teen Star Club: Our Teen Star Club is open to teenagers 13 to 18 years old and helps teach them the importance of saving money and spending wisely.

Go to Services (Financial Education) and click on “Money & Stuff”, “Biz Kid$”, or Finance 101 to have fun and learn about money!