The following are some comments from AP Federal Credit Union members:

“My husband and I are pleased with AP’s responsiveness to our needs.  That includes loans and other services.  They have been very willing to work with us.  We feel AP takes a keen interest – they provide the personal touch.”

Kim Knakiewicz

“The employees at AP are willing to work with the members and they have great rates including the Visa Credit Card.  They were incredibly helpful when our kids were ready to get car loans too.”

Margaret Morrin

“By far the personal attention you get in the terms of customer service far outweighs any other bank I’ve ever experienced.”

Scott Pillarelli

“AP helped me establish my credit by giving me a secured loan which I’m paying on to help improve my credit score.”

Thomas Woerner

“I really like AP.  They’re helping me reach my financial goals.”

George Salas

“The people there are awesome, really helpful with my financial needs.”

Diane Batts